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This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Emily who was born sometime in early 2000 and passed away in our arms on March 10th, 2014 at 1:00 A.M.

Hey Emmers,

Not sure what really happened. You were jumping around the other day as if you were still a young one. Still pulling us while taking you for a walk. You ran up the stairs and jumped in the bed. Then we woke up Sunday morning and you couldn't walk down the stairs. And when I got home from church, your back leg was paralyzed. We took you to bed, thinking you would get a good nights sleep to go to the vet in the morning. Like we did with your Big Brother Bryce. Then you started panting in severe pain. I prayed to God that he would heal you, and if that just wasn't in his plan, to take you quickly so not to suffer. I was really hoping for the healing part. I really didn't thing the worst was going to happen. But I feel blessed that we both got to hold you as we watched you slowly pass on tonight.

Please be nice to your brother Bryce up there. Although you weren't very nice to him, I am sure he is happy to see you. Give him a big sloppy wet kiss for us and play nicely. Oh.... and share your goodies with him. No more stingies Okay?

Thank You so much for being a part of our lives. For being such a faithful companion. I don't know what I am going to do without you following me around and always being by my side. Sitting behind me and watching me while I work. Working from home and being alone was lonely, but without you.. I just don't know.. Not having you always there to hold, to give and get kisses, to cuddle on the couch. Watching you wag your tail and your little hiney when you walk out on the porch to see what I am doing outside.

Chairs, chairs and chairs.. you just loved getting up in and sitting in chairs. And laps.. man I am going to miss you sitting in my lap and nudging your nose up against mine, or nudging it under my chin, asking for some love. Cuddling under the blanket on the couch with me and watching T.V.

I will miss hearing the tick tick of your feet on the hardwood floors as you search the entire house to find where I am at. The beating of your Paws on the stairs as you run up or down them to catch me. The running thru the doggy door at full speed, sprinting toward me and jumping up on the couch to be with me. I will miss you staring at me as you sit in your favorite chair across the room. Rattling your bowl with your nose when you are out of water. Trying to get the Peanut Butter off the roof of your mouth. Sitting in the kitchen with excitement when you see me opening a can of the good wet food.

I will even miss you waking me up several times a night to go under the covers and then come out again. Sleeping at my head and then moving to cuddle up to my side. How will I sleep not having my arm to feel you thru-out the night.

What to do with all the treats I have here for you.

The pain is do deep of, I will never know what happened to you and all that keeps going thru my mind is what if? Or what did you get into outside? Did I leave something out? We just had a check up at the vet a few weeks ago and everything was fine they said. I am just in unbelief that you truly are gone. Just overnight. In one day. I keep looking at you, and I want to believe that you are asleep and will wake up.. I so don't want to let you leave my sight.

Darn it baby.. I love you so much and you will truly be missed. Be like your Big Brother Bryce and come see me just once and let me know that you are both okay. I truly want to believe that we all get to see each other again.

My Memorial to Bryce
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